An online repository of printed journals, published by various institutions.
La Ley
A resource that enables users to simultaneously search all its sub-databases.
Database offering full-text access to legislation and jurisprudence (regional, national and European Union).
Legal database. It offers access to all consolidated national legislation and regional legislation.

Recommended books

La política vigilada
A work that studies the growing phenomenon of citizen-patrolled politics.
The Europeanization of Gender Equality Policies
The Europeanization of gender equality laws and policies and the fight against discrimination.


IDP. Revista d'Internet, Dret i Política
Publication of the Law and Political Science Department of the Open University of Catalonia.
International Political Science Review
Journal reviewed by political science experts.
International Affairs
British magazine of international relations, by the prestigious Royal Institute of Internationa.
 Foreign Affairs
Forum between professionals of American foreign policy by the Council on Foreign Relations.
Global Environmental Politics
Magazine that examines the relationships between global political forces and environmental change.
International Migration Review
Leading journal in the study of human migration, racial groups and refugee movements.

Reference works

Enciclopedia de paz y conflictos
Encyclopedia of Peace and Conflicts.
The Oxford Companion to the Politics of the World
Encyclopedia of concepts related to politics and participation.
TERMCAT. Diccionari de dret administratiu
Online version of the Diccionari de dret administratiu.
Terminologia electoral bàsica
Basic electoral terminology, listing terms related to aspects of electoral processes and systems.
A selection of dictionaries

Press and news

Summaries and critical analysis of the Official Gazette of the Government of Spain.
The Guardian: Politics blog
Blog of news and political views by The Guardian newspaper.

Open-access resources

Database of the Official Gazette of the Catalan Parliament.
Boletín Oficial de las Cortes Generales. Senado 
Official Gazette of the Spanish Parliament online.

Recommended bibliography

It accesses consultation of the recommended bibliography for the Politics and Society subject.
It accesses consultation of the recommended bibliography consultation for the Global Governance subject.

UOC Learning resources

Polítiques públiques de seguretat i prevenció
Learning materials of the Public safety and security policies course.
Learning resource for the European Policies subject.