The information society


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Recommended books

La Galaxia Internet
Reflections on the Internet, Business, and Society.
Innovació tecnològica
Empirical, aggregated and international approach, on the incorporation of knowledge to productive activity in the 9
Comprender los media en la sociedad de la información
This book studies the incursions made by emerging communication media on the web.
Sociedad del conocimiento: cómo cambia el mundo ante nuestros ojos
This book studies the development and transformation of the knowledge society.
PowerPoint, Communication, and the Knowledge Society
Analysis of the use of PowerPoint as a means of communication.


IDP. Revista d'Internet, Dret i Política
Publication of the Law and Political Science Department of the Open University of Catalonia.
Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology
A journal from the Association for Information Science and Technology.
Journal informative and opinion about the information science and communication.

Reference works

A Dictionary of the Internet
Online Internet dictionary.
Societat de l'informacion
Online dictionary on Information society, new technologies and the Internet.

Open-acces resources

Ismael Peña’s research website on the information society.
The ONTSI produces studies and offers highly relevant informative services related to the information society.

Recommended reading

Economia del coneixement
Recommended ibliography of the course on Knowledge economy (Economia del coneixement).
Bibliografia recomanada Societat de la informació
Recommended Bibliography of the UOC course on Information society (Societat de la informació).

UOC Learning resources

Societat del coneixement
Learning resource for the Knowledge Society subject.