Human rights


El Derecho
It is a database for the law sector.
La Ley
A resource that enables users to simultaneously search all its sub-databases.
Database offering full-text access to legislation and jurisprudence (regional, national and European Union).
Legal database. It offers access to all consolidated national legislation and regional legislation.
Base de dades de conflictes i construcció de pau
Monitoring and analysis of international conflicts.
An economic news and press database.
Universal Human Rights Index Database
Information about human rights provided directly by the United Nations.

Recommended books

Guidelines on human rights
EU guidelines for the protection and promotion of human rights.
War, Conflict and Human Rights
Analysis of the relationship between human right and armed conflicts.


European Journal of International Law
Publication on international law
Harvard Human Rights Journal
Harvard Law School journal.
Journal of Conflict and Security Law
Journal containing studies into arms control legislation, armed conflict law and collective security.

Reference works

International conflict
A Chronological Encyclopedia of Conflicts and Their Management, 1945-1995.
Enciclopedia de paz y conflictos
Encyclopedia of Peace and Conflicts.

Press and news

The IDHC website allows you to keep up on human rights news and actions in Catalonia.
An open-access, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal devoted to conflict resolution.

Open-access resources

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The International Court of Justice is the principal legal body of the United Nations Organization.
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The International Criminal Court is a permanent international criminal court to help put an end to the impunity.
UN Treaty Collection 
All treaties and international agreements by members of the United Nations published.

Recommended bibliography

It accesses consultation of the recommended bibliography for the Justice and Individual Rights subject.
It accesses consultation of the recommended bibliography for the Human Rights subject.

UOC Learning resources

Resolución alternativa de conflictos y justicia restaurativa
An overview of the various forms of alternative dispute resolution.
Governança global
On globalization, global governance and international relations.