Cooperation and Conflictology

The topic is approached from the field of cooperation for development, humanitarian aid and sustainability, to promote solidarity and peace.


UN Official Documents and Bibliographic Databases
UN Official Documents and Bibliographic Databases
An economic news and press database.
Universal Human Rights Index Database
Information about human rights provided directly by the United Nations.

Recommended books

La conflictología
Work about the discipline designed to help solve problems according to each person's way of studying.
International Handbook of Peace and Reconciliation
Study into peace and reconciliation.
Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development
A collection about peace and conflict with regard to economic, social and political development.
The Handbook of Environmental Voluntary Agreements
This book sets out a global economic theory and analyses environmental VAs.


An open-access, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal devoted to conflict resolution.
Conflict Resolution Quarterly
Journal reviewed by experts that publishes papers on different aspects of conflict resolution.
Peace and Conflict
A list of studies about peace and conflict in the contemporary world.
The Journal of Conflict Resolution
Academic journal revised by experts dealing with international conflicts.

Reference works

Enciclopedia de paz y conflictos
Encyclopedia of Peace and Conflicts.
International conflict
A Chronological Encyclopedia of Conflicts and Their Management, 1945-1995.

Press and news

Conflictes, Cost, Emocions, i Persones
How much do conflicts cost?
Conflictes, Política, Societat i Media
Blog by Xavier Pastor on issues related to conflicts, politics, society and media.

Open resources

Tratados internacionales
Collection of the international treaties of which Spain is a depository.

Recommended bibliography

It accesses consultation of the recommended bibliography for the Human Rights subject.

UOC Learning resources

Governança global
On globalization, global governance and international relations.
It accesses consultation of the recommended bibliography for the Human Rights subject.
Técnico en gestión del ciclo de proyectos de acción humanitaria
Comprehensive overview of the entire process of humanitarian action from a general point of view.