Communication & Mass Media Complete
This database offers access to the full text of hundreds of journals in communication and media.
Guía de Medios
A map of Spain's media, with up-to-date information on almost seven thousand media channels.
MarketLine Advantage
Source of information on companies, industries and businesses.
Academic Video Online (AVON)
63,000 videos, including documentaries, films and interviews from sources such as the BBC or National Geographic.

press and news

MyNews Hemeroteca
Digital platform of Spanish modern printed press, used by journalists and information professionals.
An economic news and press database.
Regional Business News
Database offering full-text access to articles from the press, specialized journals and regional news agencies.
International Newsstream
Recent news content outside of the US and Canada.

Recommended books

Optimismo para periodistas
An e-book that helps journalism find answers in the midst of constant and distressing changes to their field.
Desde la trinchera. Manual de supervivencia en creatividad publicitaria
A book about the adrenaline rush you get when you have an idea, defend it, sell it and bring it home.
El content curator
A basic guide in Spanish to the new profession on the internet: the content curator.
Cómo hacer un plan estratégico de comunicación
A four-volume publication in Spanish from the "Dircom" collection which shows how a strategic communication.


Journal informative and opinion about the information science and communication.
Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society
A journal that provides information about the social and ethical benefits and risks in society.
Online Information Review
An international journal on research in and use of digital information.


Open Audiovisual Heritage
Dossier linked to the World Day of Audiovisual Heritage that provides information and an resources bank.
Data Journalism
Here you will find introductory content, examples of success, tools for professional practice and organizations.
Fake News
A selection of content to equip you with the weapons you need in the "war on misinformation" and fake news.

Rules and standards

IPTC - International Press Telecommunications Council
Consortium that brings together the leading news agencies and communication businesses.
Recommendations, guidelines, rules and standards
Documents that collate the methodological and technical specifications resulting from experience.
Castells and the Media
Manuel Castells has given us a new language for understanding the impact of information.
A selection of dictionaries

open resources
Website of the “Acceso abierto a la ciencia” (Open Access to Science) research group.
DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)
This site aims to increase the visibility and ease of use of open-access scientific and scholarly journals.

Recommended bibliography

Digital Communication and Society
Recommended reading for the Digital Communication and Society course.
Crisis communication course
Recommended reading for the Crisis communication course.

UOC Learning resources

	Comunicacions mòbils
Material lecturer for the subject "Mobile Communications".