Arts and humanities


ProQuest Art, Design and Architecture Collection
A database specializing in the visual and applied arts.
Database offering access to over 1.8 million images from museums, archives and artists.
Arts & Humanities Database
Database on art, architecture, design, history, philosophy, music, literature, theatre and culture.
Linguistics Database
Database on linguistics.
Periodicals Index Online
A bibliographic database of documents on arts and humanities and social sciences.
Periodicals Archive Online
Archive that makes the backfiles of scholarly periodicals in the arts, humanities and social science
An online repository of printed journals, published by various institutions.

Recommended books

Getty Publications Virtual Library
E-books in open access on the field of the fine arts from the Getty's collections.
The Social reading : platforms, applications, clouds and tags
The emergence of the new information technologies has led to new ways of writing and new ways of reading.
Joan Miró: l'artista i el seu entorn cultural: (1918-1983)
The work researches the impact that the life and work of Joan Miró had on Catalan culture and on Spanish culture.
Tipologia lingüística: com funcionen les llengües del món
This book offers a panoramic vision of these common templates, focused from a functional perspective.
¡Hay moros en la costa!: literatura marroquí fronteriza en castellano y catalán
A point of view the literary production of contemporary Moroccan writers who (re)present Spain and Morocco.


La Maleta de Portbou
Visit the La Maleta de Portbou website to browse this bimonthly Humanities and Economics journal, edited by Josep R
Art History
Academic journal founded in 1978 by the Association of Art Historians and published by Wiley-Blackwell.
Asian Studies Review
Journal on contemporary and modern Asia that tackles subjects such as the history, culture, society, language, etc.
1611: Revista de Historia de la Traducción
Publication that looks at the history of translation with the aim of showing the relevant scenarios.

Reference works

Oxford Art Online
An online version of the Dictionary of Art published by Macmillan-Grove.
A collection of general and specialised dictionaries and reference works.
A selection of dictionaries
Diccionario de símbolos
This dictionary is the latest version of the most important prose work of poet and art critic Juan Eduardo Cirlot.

Open-acces resources

A selection of video recordings of theatre performances.
Encyclopaedia of painting and fine art.
Perseus Digital Library
Database created by Tufts University containing texts, lexicons, images and maps of Ancient Greece.

Press and news


Digital newspaper devoted to culture with the aim of giving a voice to cultural acts and events, publishing news.
Weekly culture journal devoted to promoting Catalan literature.

Rules and standards

ICOM - International Council of Museums
It sets the professional rules and the standards of excellence of the international museum community.
Recommendations, guidelines, rules and standards
Documents that collate the methodological and technical specifications resulting from experience.


Academic plagiarism
The UOC Library has prepared this dossier that provides resources and tools to avoid and detect plagiarism.


CCCB LAB: Investigació i innovació en cultura
CCCB Lab Blog about ICT and it's relationship with diferent cultural expressions
Monoskop Log
Multidisciplinary blog focusing preferably on field of art, culture and technology
400 Free Online Courses from Top Universities
A collection of online courses, in both audio and video format, taught at the most prestigious universities.
Internet Archive
An internet library providing access to moving images, audio, movies, films and videos.

Recommended bibliography

Cultura digital
Access consultation of the recommended bibliography of the Digital Culture subject.
Les polítiques lingüístiques del català
Access consultation of the recommended bibliography of the Catalan Language Policies subject.

UOC Learning resources

Pensament i religió a l'Àsia oriental
Learning resource of the Thought and Religion in East Asia subject of the East Asian Studies Department.
Literatura catalana del segle XX
Learning resource of the Twentieth-Century Catalan Literature subject.