Zoom in on learning resources

"Zoom in on learning resources" is a made-to-measure service that qualitatively reviews satisfaction surveys' results and open-ended questions* to see how they specifically relate to our University's learning resources.

After analysing the satisfaction surveys, we provide a personalized report with the most noteworthy observations, interpretations and proposals for improvements.

*Satisfaction survey results for the first semester are published in February-March, and in September for the second semester.

How does it work?

Fill in the form with detailed information on the programme or courses you would like our librarians to review.

Please also indicate for which semester.

There are two types of report depending on your needs:

  • Semester report: reviews the results from a specific semester's satisfaction survey, focusing on learning resources.
  • Year report: reviews the satisfaction surveys from the first and second semesters of any academic year; these are particularly useful when drawing up programme and centre monitoring reports.