Update the recommended reading for the course

The Recommended Reading (RR) is the list of optional reference documents that professors recommend for their courses. Under no circumstances will reading these documents be compulsory for passing the course.

Professors may request, modify or delete the recommended reading for their courses. It is recommended to have 3–5 titles per course. 

The Library's Acquisitions Service will buy a copy of each title and will make it available to users through the Loan Service.

More copies will be bought on an ongoing basis, using as reference the number of requests received by the Loan Service.

How does it work?

Fill in the form to request the addition, modification or deletion of documents from your course's recommended reading.

If we do not have the document that you want in our collection, we will buy the title and make it available to users.

Provided that this is allowed by the publishing market, we will purchase the digital version of the document.