Where can I return a book on loan?

To return a UOC Library document, whatever option you've selected when borrowing it, you can do the following:

1.    Go to any of the authorised centres or points that the UOC has in a number of counties in Catalonia and towns in other parts of Spain. Consult the Pick up and return of documents borrowed section.

       If you are unable to return it in person, you can delegate its return to another person.

2.    Send it by courier or by registered post to the UOC Library:

       Can Camps 15
       Polígon Industrial Can Roqueta
       08202 Sabadell

       In this case, you must pay the return costs.

3.    Send it by internal post to the UOC Library, only if you're a UOC member of staff:

       DATE: day, month and year
       FROM: name of the person sending it
       TO: LIBRARY
       DEPT.: LOANS 
       BUILDING: 22@