Recommend a resource

Recommend an academic resource you feel is missing from the UOC's Library, be it a book, a journal, a database, a website, etc.

How does it work?

Use the form to submit your recommendation. You might want to recommend a free electronic resource that you would like us to incorporate into our website, a book that you would like us to buy, a journal or database to which you would like us to subscribe, etc. We will consider your suggestion on the basis of the UOC's lines of study, teaching and research.

We will contact you within 48 working hours to confirm receipt of your recommendation.

If you are a student, we will contact you again if we require any further information.

If you are a lecturer, tutor, course instructor, researcher or member of administrative staff, we will contact you again to inform you of our decision in relation to your recommendation. 

The standard acquisition procedure will be followed in the case of any resources to be purchased, which will be subject to the library's budget.