Learning resources dispatch

Certain courses have learning resources in physical formats. These learning resources are sent in the post. Shipment of learning resources may be mandatory or optional. In the case of optional shipments, we will only send them if you state that you want us to do so.

•    Shipment may be mandatory because some of the subject resources are in a physical format or because a digital version is not available.

•    Shipment may be optional if there is a paper version and a digital version also available from the classroom and My Learning Resources. 

If you have enrolled on courses with optional shipments, we will send the learning resources before the semester starts as long as you enrol at least a week before the course starts.  

How does it work?

If you are a student, check your postal address from Campus > Personal Area > Personal Information > Delivery Details so there are no problems during sending. Remember that you cannot give a regional centre as the materials are always delivered to the student or someone they authorize.

Also remember that you can track the status of your dispatch at any time through Check the status for delivery of learning materials

If you are a lecturer in charge of a subject, you can request a copy of the UOC-generated materials (teaching modules) from: 

Request for delivery of learning materials

You will need to know the corresponding accounting code area and specify the reason for the dispatch. Contact your course administrator to process this request or to find out what information is required.