How to ask to borrow a document from the UOC Library catalogue

Once you've found the document that interests you in the catalogue, click on the Request button, or click on the Loan button, and complete the request form.

Choose the centre from the UOC network that best suits you to pick it up from the Pick-up Point scrolldown.

If you live in a county or a town where there is no UOC centre, you can choose the Mail option for us to send it to you at your home address. In any event, we recommend that you pick up the documents at your nearest UOC centre.

If you live in a county or a town where there is a UOC centre, and you choose the Mail option so that we send the document to your home address, you'll have to pay the postage costs, except in the case of Valencia, Madrid, Seville and Vila-real.

If you live abroad, except Andorra, we are unable to send you the documents to your home address.

Only if you're a UOC staff member can you choose an institutional centre (Tibidabo, 22@, Castelldefels) for us to send you the document to your work place.

Then press the Send button and the request will be formalised.

If the pick-up point you've selected is a centre in the UOC network, you'll receive notification in your UOC mailbox when the centre receives the document. From this moment onwards, you have five working days in which to collect it.