Bibliometric reports

We offer a tailored consultation, support and mentoring service for bibliometric data searches, assessments of scientific output quality and searches for or analyses of alternative indicators. We produce bespoke reports according to your specific needs: support in the bibliometric analysis of your publications, your research group or your faculty.

Remember you can use the Bibliometrics tool to consult the UOC’s scientific output and the associated international and national bibliometric indicators (impact factor,
quartile, citations received, level of collaboration, etc), at UOC, research centre, faculty, research group, researcher and/or publication level.

Presentation of the Bibliometric analysis services.

How does it work?

Use the form to provide in-depth information on your query. Upon receiving it, we will contact you to obtain precise details regarding the nature of your query and the subject matter it involves, and to establish a deadline for issuing you with the corresponding report.

We produce our reports on the basis of the most relevant sources of bibliometric data (ISI, Scopus, In-REcs, etc.)