Bibliographic Services

We offer personalised guidance (encompassing search terms, information sources to consult, etc.) on searching for documents relevant to your academic or research activity.

If you are a member of the UOC's administrative, teaching or research staff, we are able to provide you with a customised report that, based on actually performing the search corresponding to your query, will contain the search terms used, the information sources consulted and all the pertinent results obtained.

Presentation of the Bibliographic Services.

How does it work?

Use the query form to provide detailed information on what you are looking for.

If you are a UOC student, we will advise you on how to perform a search to obtain relevant, satisfactory results. We will send you an email containing recommended search terms, search tips, details of information sources that may prove particularly useful, etc.

If you are a member of the UOC's administrative, teaching or research staff, we will contact you upon receipt of your query to seek specific information on the nature of your search and the subject matter it involves, and to establish a deadline for issuing you with the corresponding report.

The reports we produce can answer questions such as the following:

1. How to find bibliography on a given subject published in Catalonia [a specific geographical area] in the last 5 years [a specific timeframe].

2. How to find the full bibliography for a given author?

3. What publications or sources can I consult to find more bibliographic information on a given subject?

4. Which institutions or authors are conducting research into a given subject?