Bespoke Training

We offer training in the Library's areas of expertise, such as training in the Library's services and resources, informational skills-related training (access, assessment, management and use of information), use of specialist information sources, bibliography management, copyright, how to cite documents, etc.

On the one hand, we offer training materials on a specific subject or a Library resource, be they in-house or external.

On the other, we also offer a training catalogue to undertake as part of a subject or subjects in the form of a workshop.

Presentation about Bespoke Training Service.

How does it work?

Complete the web form to submit your application.

When we receive it, we will contact you to finalize the subject matter and characteristics of the training need. We will assess it and propose the option that we believe to be the most suitable in your case.

Some of the most common options that we offer are: specific training material (text or audiovisual), a distance training action, an on-site training action, or a workshop-type training action in the Virtual Campus classroom, through a shared mailbox in the classroom.

One example of this type of training are the Mendeley bibliography manager workshops that we run every semester for some subjects.

In the case of training to be run as part of a subject classroom, the deadlines for requesting this type of training is:

First semester (September - January): before 30 June

Second semester (February - July): before 30 December