Youth in Europe: characterizing the millennials

The millennial generation, those born between the early 80's and mid- 90's, or even early 2000's, are a very different generation from their predecessor, Generation X, and their successor, Generation Z. The millennials are today's European youth and this dossier studies their identifying features and their political motivation and demotivation.

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A compilation of resources that address different aspects of youth in Europe.

A selection of resources for understanding who the millennials are and identifying their basic features.

Each generation, young people too and, in particular, the millennials, has its own way of taking part in political life. This compilation provides a broad spectrum of information about young people's political participation, together with studies that reflect on the political disenchantment affecting part of this population group.

A compilation of information about Generation Z, the generation that follows the millennials and who are the new youth who will influence the political future.