The UOC Library's search engine


Looking for information about a continuous assessment test or final project? Do you need a book and can't find it in our catalogue? Would you like your searches to be quicker and more effective? This guide will help you get a feel for the UOC Library's content search engine so that you can get the most out of it. Find out which content, sources and resources are available and how you can use them.

Let's take a look at the content search engine

If you move mouse over the icons in this interactive image you'll see information about each part of the search engine.

What is the new content search engine like?



You'll find your cart and account, two sections where you can view and manage your reservations and loans.



The search engine will suggest ways to improve your search and you will be able to request a book on loan.



Everything in a single portal. The search engine centralizes the content of the website.


What sort of content are you looking for?


A book

Three steps for locating a physical book or an e-book in the Library's collection.


A journal or an article

Five steps that will help you find a specific article or a journal title in the search engine.


Tips for effective searches


The filters

After performing a search, you can refine the results using the ten filters available.



The first step to view all the available content is to identify yourself. All you need is your UOC card.


Advanced search

Would you like your searches to be more effective? Create your search formula with Boolean operators.


Do you want to request an item on loan?

Request a book on loan from the Library
Video about how you may request a book on loan from the Library.
Request a book on loan from another university library.
How to request a book on loan from another university library in Catalonia (PUC)
How to request a book on loan from another university or institution (ILL)
FAQs about loans
How do you collect a book? How much does the home loan cost? We review the most asked questions about loans.
FAQs about the Electronic Documents Supply Service
What sort of documents can you ask for with the Electronic Documents Supply Service? How must you make a request?
 How many documents can I request and for how long?
With this list, you can learn about the services that you can access with your user profile.