University Debating League 2019

The University Debating League will be from 8 to 11 April at Abat Oliba CEU University in Barcelona. Its aim is to foster the use of the spoken word among students through a challenge in which various teams will have to defend whether surrogacy should be legalized or not. Keep an eye on the clock! The following are some of the Library resources with information and news, articles and books to help you prepare.


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The following is a selection of information sources and contents on surrogacy.

2. Prepare your arguments

Learning resource with basic concepts of deductive logic and techniques for putting your argument forward.
Catalan: language resources
This dossier includes reference works and tools to help resolve doubts on spelling, grammar or vocabulary.
Lliga de Debat Universitària
E-book with practical exercises on each of the phases of discourse: before, during and after.
Lliga de Debat Universitària
This e-book presents the four major lines in putting an argument forward.
Lliga de Debat Universitària
This e-book can help you communicate and create content effectively.

3. The day of the presentation

Video with tricks for presentations: modulating your voice, being aware of body language or using metaphors.
Communication Skill
An e-book on communication skills.
Improve your Communication Skills
This ProQuest e-book will help you improve your communication techniques.
Lliga de Debat Universitària
Five tips that will help you improve your communication.