Technology: press and latest news

Of technology everybody talks around the world and in the network there are a wide range of sources of information. The generalist newspapers of over the world dedicate complete sections to current topics about technology and there is a big variety of publications more or less specialized that put the focus on the news and on transversal aspects which can be determinated to understand the technology nowadays.

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General media

The general media all over the world dedicate spaces to the current technology.

Ara Xarxes
Section of the newspaper aimed at disseminating information about aspects relating to technologies.
El Paí Tecnología
Technology section in the El País newspaper that highlights current news in the field of technology.
The New York Times. Technology
US newspaper with a technology section offering news related to the technology revolution.
La Vanguardia - Tecnología
Section of the newspaper La Vanguardia online that collects the current news of the technologies.
El Periódico de Catalunya. Tecnologia
Technology section news relating to technological innovations.
Reuters. Technology
Technological section of the North American online edition of the news agency.
El Tecnologia.
Section devoted to news about technology, published by the El Mundo newspaper.
ABC - Tecnología
Section of the ABC newspaper that spread all the news about topics related to the news technologies.
Web that keeps you up-to-date with the latest technology trends.
Diario TI
Magazine dedicated to Internet and information technologies
Linux Magazine
Articles with current and practical information for professionals in Linux.

Business and technology

Some media focus on the business aspects that revolve around the technology.

Bits: the business of technology
Blog managed by the New York Times specializing in technology news issues.
The Economist. Technology Quarterly
Four-monthly supplement to the newspaper specializing in economic matters with a technology section.
Blog about ISP liability of the professor Miquel Peguera.
Blog de Derecho – Pablo Fernández Burgueño
Law blog linked to technology and e-commerce.