Sustainable food production

Summary of publications and actions and programmes being implemented concerning sustainable food production.

This FAO report provides an overall evaluation of the scale of greenhouse gas emissions.
Programme for the integral sustainability of the food and agriculture industry produced by the Ministry.
Special FAO section dedicated to sustainable food and agriculture.
List of FAO publications on the consumption and production of sustainable foods.
Cookery guide explaining what pulses are and why they are important foods of the future.
Results of the search conducted in the UOC Library's catalogue.
Special environmental section published by the European Commission on food sustainability.
Lectures given at the CCCB with the purpose of discussing food production techniques and their impact.
A dossier in Catalan that provides a comparative evaluation of organic and conventionally produced foods.
Post on UC Davis' Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program website.
A talk by the chef Dan Barber, who talks about the problems he has in finding quality, sustainable fish.
Barton Seaver talks about the gloomy future for the sustainability of the oceans, and makes a new proposal.