Supporting documentation about mediation

There are many periodical publications and books that deal with mediation from different perspectives.


An open-access, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal devoted to conflict resolution.
The Journal of Mediation & Applied Conflict Analysis
Bi-annual online access journal on mediation and alternative forms of conflict resolution.
Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution
Open-access journal revised by experts.
The Journal of Conflict Resolution
Academic journal revised by experts dealing with international conflicts.


Lessons learning - Peacemaker
Compilation of lessons learned from the United Nations Peacemaker.
Mediation Guidance - Peacemaker
UN guidance material for setting up and managing mediation initiatives.
Lawyers and Mediation
Book on mediation and lawyers.
Aprender mediación
Work with simple concepts that explain what mediation is and how it is used.
Compilation of resources on family mediation offered by the Social Services Documentation Center.
Compilation of lectures, talks and papers relating to family law.
Book offering the theory and practice of family mediation.