Specific families

LGBT parenting

Article that analyses the situation of same-sex partners in the various European countries.
European current news website devoted to the rights of same-sex families.

Civil partners

Article that deals with the consequences of Ruling 41/2013 on widows’ pensions for civil partners.
Compilation of updated forms with the latest legislative and jurisprudence changes and guidelines.
Chapter from the book entitled Mediación familiar that explains the situation of civil partners in Spanish law.

One-parent family

Post by the Catalan Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Families devoted to one-parent families.
Study by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality into one-parent families with children
Book describing the situation of one-parent families, past and present.
European initiative to help one-parent families to improve their employment situation and skills to find work.
Dossier on one-parent families and human rights in Ireland.