Create your alerts system

An easy and dynamic way you can keep up with the latest developments in your field is by subscribing to RSS feeds from sources of interest

Recommended RSS apps

To start creating your alerts systems you can use any of the apps listed below, helping you keep track of the websites and blogs that interest you most.

Free RSS reader.
Free RSS reader.
Free RSS reader.
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RSS reader with paid subscription and free options.

Database alerts

The alert service that many databases offer allows you to stay on top of new publications on a given topic by means of free, regular e-mails.

Depending on the databases, there are different types of alerts:

  • Table of contents alert: sends you the table of contents each time a new issue of a given journal is published.
  • Search alert: notifies you when new documents matching your search criteria or making reference to authors you would like to keep track of are added.
  • Publication citation alert: notifies you whenever a given publication (journal article, book chapter, etc.) is cited in a new document added to the database.
  • Author citation alert: notifies you whenever a given author is cited in a new document added to the database.

Every database has its own specific features and design, but most have information on their platforms on how to set up predefined alerts. Often, after performing a search, you will see icons such as the ones below. In those cases, you simply have to click on “Create an alert”:

database alerts

If a database offers the option of creating alerts, it will be indicated in the “Also relevant” section for each database.