Innovació tecnològica, creixement econòmic i economia del coneixement

The doctoral thesis of Joan Torrent examines, from the point of view of economic analysis, but with an interdisciplinary approach, the transformations of productive activity associated with intensive use of knowledge. With the intention of demonstrating empirically how knowledge is revealed as a productive factor and as a commodity of a progressive economic importance from the second half of the nineties in a wide range of OECD countries and based on the literature on the facts and the sources of economic growth, the following hypothesis have been proven. First, the economic application of ICT defines a knowledge-based economy. Second, the massive incorporation of ICT to economic activity defines a new scheme in knowledge production. And third, knowledge is a key productive factor in explaining the level and growth of productivity and therefore economic growth.


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Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3)
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