Psychological intervention in children and adolescents using ICT

Mobile apps have become the fastest way of establishing communication between users/patients and health professionals. In the field of health and mental well-being, these technological innovations have allowed for more exhaustive monitoring of younger people accustomed to how they work. Digital native users feel more comfortable using mobile apps than doing more face to face monitoring. A compilation of articles, journals, organizations, apps and projects gives us an insight into the current situation.

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Article that systematically assesses the efficiency and acceptability of mobile apps for mental health in children
JMIR Publications
Article reviewing the use of apps that promote a healthy lifestyle in adolescents and students.
JMIR Publications
Article setting out the points of view and experiences of young people with SMS interventions to promote safer sex.
JMIR Publications
Assessing how the apps work to increase the commitment to antiretroviral therapy and the use of stimulant drugs.
Scientific review of the uses that technology can have to clinical psychotherapy with children and adolescents.


Journal focused on human behaviour, the social networks and psychology
Journal that encompasses all the fields of research of digital medicine, health and healtcare in the Internet age
JMIR Mental Health
Journal focusing on internet interventions, technology and digital innovations in the field of mental health.
Open access journal focusing on mobile apps and ubiquitous computing in the framework of health.
Open acces journal on gaming and gamification for health education and promotion, teaching and social change.
Journal examining the use of computers from a psychological perspective.
Journal that publishes articles on the theory, research and professional practice of paediatric psychology.
A scholarly journal that examines the impact of games, apps and technology on people's health and well-being.

Research projects

MiND: Masteringskills in the training Network for attention deficit hyperactivity and autism spectrum Disorders
Project that seeks to educate the new generation of researchers in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders.
Relación del entorno psicosocial de los adolescentes y su salud mental (REPASAME)
The objective is to analyse the conditions of the psychosocial environment of adolescents of foreign origin.
Research Groups at the Universitat de Barcelona
Website of Barcelona University featuring all the projects of the institution's research groups.
The Sandbox Project was created to improve the health of Canadian children and youths.
Portal for the UOC research group that works on how to improve health and quality of life using ICTs.

Apps and wearables

Cognitive training tool, designed for children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
MHASC is the first mobile app that assesses hallucinations through touch-screens.
Article explaining how digital native children use technology to improve their well-being and mental health.
List of apps focused on health and mental well-being.
List of apps for the improvement of health, including digestive disorders, obesity or peritoneal dialysis.
Interactive map with geolocalized apps related to all fields of health.
List of apps for mental well-being (stress, anxiety, depression…)

Bodies and institutions

Clúster de Salut Mental de Catalunya
Website of the cluster of Catalan companies and institutions related to mental health.
Health technologies page of the CIT-UPC website.
Website of this centre of study and treatment of addictions.
Research website with links to published articles and studies related to the well-being and mental health of minors
Mobile World Capital
Website of the Mobile World Capital Foundation that promotes initiatives related to mobile technology.
Talk that sets out how health data renews the health industry-

News and knowledge on mental health

Website in Spanish specialized in psychiatry aimed at professionals.
Website of the community health education programme-
Website provided by Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital offering parents information about their children's health
A practical guide produced by Manresa's University Care Network.