Recopilation of the products of ProQuest that you can consult at the Library.

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ProQuest Central (ProQuest XML)
Database containing over 11,000 journals, some 8,000 of which can be accessed in full text.
A database containing 5 million doctoral and master’s theses from over 3,000 universities worldwide.
ProQuest Ebook Central
An ebook platform with academic content.
Research Library
Multidisciplinary database.
Science Database
Database on general and applied sciences

Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences

Arts & Humanities Database
Database on art, architecture, design, history, philosophy, music, literature, theatre and culture.
Art, Design and Architecture Collection
Let yourself be inspired by this electronic resource specialising in visual and applied arts.
Periodicals Archive Online
Archive that makes the backfiles of scholarly periodicals in the arts, humanities and social science
Periodicals Index Online
A bibliographic database of documents on arts and humanities and social sciences.
Social Science Database
Database on social sciences.
Linguistics Database
This database covers all aspects of the study of language including phonetics or semantics.


Criminal Justice Database
Database on criminal justice.

Economics and Business

ABI/INFORM Collection
Thousands of publications from the field of economics and business.
Database that offers analytical articles on regional and global political and economic developments
Business Market Research Collection
Database that includes Hoover’s Company Profiles, OxResearch and Snapshots.
Banking Information Source
Information about the financial services industry and banking activities.
 Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection
Database on accounting, tax, banking, and financial issues of the day.
Asian & European Business Collection
Database on business and finance topics across Asia and Europe.
Canadian Business & Current Affairs Database
Database on business and multidisplinary of Canadian references.


Education Database
Access to over 1000 frontline educational publications from primary, secondary and higher education.
Career & Technical Education Database
Database about professional formation.

Information and Documentation

Library Science Database
Database on Library and Information Science.

Informatics and Telecommunications

Computing Database
Database on computing.
Telecommunications Database
Database on telecommunications.


Military Database
Database about all government and military branches.


Political Science Database
Database on political science.


Religion Database
Database on religion.

Health and Psychology

Health & Medical Collection
Database on health and medicine.
Health Management Database
Database on healthcare management.
Public Health Database
Database on public health.
Family Health Database
Database on family health.
Nursing & Allied Health Database
Database on nursing and allied health.
Biology Database
Database on biology.
Psychology Database
A collection that includes the most well-known journals in the field of clinical and social psychology.


Sociology Database
Database on sociology and social work.

Geographical scope

Australia & New Zealand Database
Database on scholarly publishing organizations and educational institutions in Australia and New Zealand.
Canadian Newsstream
Access to 190 Canadian journals.
Continental Europe Database
Multidisciplinary database of Continental Europe.
East & South Asia Database
Database with academic publications from East Asian and South Asian countires.
East Europe, Central Europe Database
Database with academic publications from East European and Central European countries.
India Database
Database on India publications.
International Newsstream
Recent news content outside of the US and Canada.
Latin America & Iberian Database
Multidisciplinary database.
Middle East & Africa Database
Multidisciplinary database on Middle East & Africa.
Turkey Database
Database on Turkey publications.
UK & Ireland Database
Database on publications from United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.
US Newsstream
Database news on U.S.