Projects / Entities

A compilation of the leading entities and associations that work in the field of food consumption.

United Nations organization which is working to achieve food security and access to food worldwide.
Brings together experts from different disciplines and fields of expertise, who debate on the reform of global food
An EU-funded agency and act as a source of scientific advice and communication on the risks.
Operates to offer research-based policy solutions in order to reduce poverty, hunger and malnutrition.
The network brings together 280 NGOs, social movements and activists from 75 countries.
A historic organization which fights for the right to adequate food.
A foundation which brings together various organizations, bodies and experts in the sphere of food.
Research centre dedicated to food technology innovation and research.
An association which brings together 55 food banks throughout Spain.
To teach people how to enjoy diverse foods, to recognize the location of production and to respect seasonality.
A foundation created by Slow Food International, a body which works to protect food biodiversity.
An NGO which aims to reduce food inequality around the world.
The portal of CityNet, an association whose goal is sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region.
The portal of this initiative, which includes a large number of associations devoted to human and animal well-being
The portal of the organization, founded in 1989, which works to prevent the disappearance of the local food culture
The foundation's portal, which is focused on food and water waste, traceability and healthy eating.
Ron Finlay explains his experience in building urban kitchen gardens in one of the poorest districts of Los Angeles
J. Sheeran, head of the United Nations World Food Programme, discusses how hunger could be eradicated in the world.
An initiative of the GAL Alt Urgell-Cerdanya, with support from the respective regional councils.