Personal Branding

Personal branding consists in applying the same marketing strategies you would apply to any other product or brand, to your own CV and professional experience.

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What is personal branding?

Ponencia Andrés Pérez en el primer encuentro anual alumni
A talk on YouTube by Andrés Pérez, expert on personal branding.
¿Por qué es importante crear tu marca personal?
Article on personal branding and why it is important to have a personal brand.
Marca personal 2.0 ¿Que es y para que sirve?
A blog by Iván Bernabeu where he explains what a personal brand is and how to get one.
Marcas personales en el mundo corporativo: Joanne Shawcross at TEDxPuraVida 2013
A TEDx Talks presentation by Joanne Shawcross on corporate personal branding.

Self-knowledge resources

Personality test 16personalities
A test that identifies your personality type based on the options given by Katharine Cook and Isabel Briggs.
Test Eneagrama
A test that tells you which type of personality you have out of the nine established models.
Test de Intereses Profesionales
A professional interests test from Barcelona City Council.
10 recursos gratis para tu #MarcaPersonal
An article from Fran Segarra's blog that presents resources for creating your personal brand.

How to create your personal brand

¿Qué es una marca personal y cómo desarrollarla?
An article by Nagore García on what a personal brand is and how to develop it.
Marca Personal ¿Cómo crearla y vivir de ella?
A YouTube video by Juan Merodio in which he proposes eight steps for creating your personal brand.
Cómo crear tu marca personal. Guía paso a paso
A blog post titled Andalucía es Digital on how to create your personal brand step by step.
Cómo Crear Una Marca Personal: Guía Definitiva Para 2019
An article from Sebastian Cardozo on how to create your personal brand.

How to use a personal brand to further your career

Marca personal vs Marca professional (Webinar UOC)
An webinar in which Victor Puig gives us tools for strengthening our personal brand.
Trabajar tu marca personal para encontrar empleo más rápido
A Universia article that explains how to get the most out of your personal brand and find work quickly.
Cómo mejorar tu futuro profesional a través de tu marca personal en #foroe
Eva Collado, strategic human capital and digitalization consultant, gives a talk about personal branding.
Orientar para la empleabilidad y la marca personal. Actitudes y motivaciones.
An article by Maria José Arpi on the key skills, attitudes and motivations a personal brand should convey.