The path to academic success

We at the UOC Library would like to travel with you on the path towards passing your continuous assessment tests and exams, which is why we have put together a range of resources that may be useful to you.

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To begin with, we will help you take your first steps to get you ready and increase your performance. Don't waste your time! We will offer you resources so that you can plan your work and get the most out of your study day. How should you prepare materials? To achieve all these concepts, we recommend study techniques and specialist resources within your field of knowledge. Don't forget, it is a good idea to take regular breaks. The final step is to review everything you have learnt and face the exam day.

This introductory guide explains specialized contents offered by the Library to help you pass your courses.

The first steps towards studying

Don't have the energy to get started? Maybe you need a helping hand. There are a number of factors that can help you study and favour academic performance, from food to your study environment.

7 tips para organizar tu espacio de trabajo
A list of easy tips to organize your study space and increase your productivity.
The new Bib@prop app, libraries and study rooms on your phone
An app with all the information about Catalan libraries and study rooms, including the UOC's.
Postura corporal a la feina. Ergonomia i estiraments
Short video with tips on adopting the correct body posture and stretching exercises.
La fórmula para dormir bien
Recommendations from UOC experts for quality rest.
Lugares para estudiar, trabajar o reunirse en Barcelona
A list of eleven bars and cafés in Barcelona with a relaxing atmosphere where students can concentrate.

Plan your study day

All the work you do before studying is crucial to help you achieve the objectives set and work steadily. Drawing up a personal timetable and preparing the material is essential for submitting your continuous assessment tests on time and learning the subject for the exam.

¿Cómo me organizo el estudio para exámenes?
A video with personal tips from UOC student, Christine Hug
Siete ‘apps’ para organizarte mejor
A list of seven apps to help you plan your work and not forget any tasks.
El horario de estudio como antídoto de la desmotivación
Instructions for creating a personal study schedule to make the most of the time available and favour motivation.

Know the tricks to successful studying?

There is no profession that doesn't need to be learnt, but how do you learn how to study? Learning how to learn is one of the keys to lifelong learning, according to the European Union. Study techniques are precisely the methods that will help you easily assimilate ideas. You will have to choose yours depending on your style of learning.

The 7 styles of learning
What kind of student are you? Identify your learning style.
Study skills - Wikipedia
It includes the definition of the concept and different study methods.
6 consejos para estudiar a distancia
A complete guide aimed at university students with techniques for achieving better academic results.
Student Guide 2017-2018
All the information you need to get the best out of your study time at the UOC.
El arte de la memoria
Blog with free resources on learning how to study.
Five keys to passing your final assessment tests and exams
A series of simple and useful tips for successfully completing the semester.
Study techniques
Find out which study techniques will help you create working habits that match your needs.

Once you know what your learning style is and the best techniques for you, all you have to do is put them into practice. We have put together specialist resources from the Library and from other external open-access sources.

8,000 full-text multidisciplinary articles, news items, theses, reports and ebooks.

A break from studying

You can only concentrate for so long. Remember that time spent studying and time spent resting are equally important in letting knowledge sink in. A little bit of sport or listening to music can help you relax.

 Google Art Project Street Art
Platform that contains works of urban art from around the world.
Parques y Jardines de España
A list of 93 gardens and parks in Spain.
List Spotify
List of music that is perfect for studying or relaxing to.
La actividad física mejora la memòria
News about how exercise favours intellectual performance.

Review and check everything you have learnt

Making sure you've absorbed the information is essential for achieving good exam results. These are some of the instruments and tools to do this.

El repaso, una herramienta definitiva contra el olvido
The different stages in the review process for absorbing facts and knowledge.
Nueva App de Fichas de GoConqr para Android
A free app for creating files using key concepts and reviewing notes.

The day of the exam

The end of the study pathway. The crucial day is here and your nerves may get the better of you. Discover how to pass these final tests successfully.

Exams on the UOC website
Pre-set search for the word "exams" in the UOC website general search engine.
UOC leads EU project to authenticate student identity online throughout the e-assessment process
Find out about a pioneering project to confirm identity during the virtual exam.
Quatre claus per a preparar exàmens amb eficàcia
Tips from Modesta Pousada, UOC professor of Psychology and researcher.
Six tactics to help your students deal with stress
Tips for combating stress brought on by exams.