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Reference works

TERMCAT. Dictionary of income
Basic terms for the completing the tax and equity return.
Diccionari dels mercats financers
Diccionary which systematizes for the first time financial terminology in Catalan
Mediaeval taxation critical glossary
Critical glossary which helps you search for tax terms from vocabulary recorded in the Middle Ages.
Economics A-Z
This is a free-to-access online glossary of economic terms from The Economist.
Tax Law Glossary
Dictionary containing more than 8.000 tax terms in English.
The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics
The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics (CEE), 2nd ed., 2008, is an online encyclopedia of economics.
How Spanish general state budgets are distributed, where revenue comes from and how public spending is allocated.

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Tax administration Agencies and bodies, which are responsible for the management and collection of taxes, provide all the information you need to know about them, and even allow you to make online payments.

Collections of financial legislation, Tax Law and tax regulations in the area of the EU, the Spanish State and the city of Barcelona.

Legal doctrine is the opinion of the prestigious jurists on a particular subject. Although it's not a formal source of law provides arguments to persuade judges and legislators and the development of customary law.

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