Open educational resources

Open educational resources (OERs) are didactic modules, textbooks and other teaching and learning resources provided for free under a copyright licence that grants the user permission to engage in the '4 Rs': reuse, revision, remixing and redistribution.

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What is OER

Wikipedia - 'Open educational resources'
Wikipedia entry for the term Open educational resources (OERs). It contains abundant information on OERs.
Wikipedia - 'Open Access'
Wikipedia entry for the term Open Access. It offers detailed information.
METAOER "Open Resources on Open Educational Resources"
Open Resources on Open Educational Resources: A UOC-UNESCO Chair in e-Learning project.
Educause (2010). 7 things you should know about Open Educational Resources.
Open educational resources (OERs): what are they? How do they work? Who's using them? Why do they matter?
As a student, how can you get the most out of open access?
Guide for students to take advantage of open access.
What faculty can do to promote open access
Guide for teachers to take advantage of open access.
What researchers can do to take advantage of open access
Guide for researchers to take advantage of open access.

How to create OER

UNESCO Guidelines for Open Educational Resources (OER) in Higher Education
The document lays out policies for promoting OERs in higher education.
WikiEducator is an evolving community intended to promote collaboration in the planning of education projects.


Aliprandi, Simone (2011). Creative Commons: a user guide.
This operating manual guides creators step by step through the world of Creative Commons licences.
Bravo, David (2005). Copia este libro.
This essay about the most controversial aspects of peer-to-peer networks and intellectual property.
Melero, Remedios (2010). Practical guide to copyright and self-archiving in open-access repositories.
This guide aims to offer clear and simple guidelines for authors and publishers.
REBIUN (2011). Tutorial: Controla tus derechos, facilita el acceso abierto.
This tutorial awares researchers of the importance of properly managing the copyrights to their work
Stéphane M. Grueso (dir.) (2011). ¡Copiad, malditos!: los caminos alternativos al copyright.
This documentary aims to answer questions such as: what is intellectual property, what is a copyright.