Open access at the UOC

Measures open scientific production published by researchers at UB, UOC and UPC universities.
The UOC aims to become an open knowledge hub
What is open access? Which are its benefits? The open access publishing strategies, its legal framework, and much more.
The portal that collates, disseminates and preserves the open-access digital publications that have been published by the UOC community.
The open-access dissemination licences and its implication in the publishing process in the UOC’s institutional repository, O2.
Publish in the UOC's institutional repository, O2.
How can we publish articles, book chapters or parts, lectures, etc., in open access.
Check the regulations about the open-access publication of doctoral thesis.
Support on data research management
A service where we advise you on how to publish in open access in the O2 Repository UOC
A custom service for open-access publication of doctoral theses defended at the UOC.