Mediation is a conflict resolution procedure alternative to the legal channel. Intervention in the conflict by an impartial third party fosters dialogue to achieve an agreement between the parties, in which there are never winners or losers. The parties use mediation completely voluntarily, as a way of avoiding a legal process.

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What is mediation?

Tools to define and understand mediation, an alternative to the legal channel for conflict resolution.

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Virtual tool for the development of competencies in conflict resolution.

Mediation as a method of conflict resolution can be used in almost all spheres where there is a conflict. Nevertheless, there are some fields in which mediation has been strengthened. Next we detail some of the spheres in which mediation is applied more regularly.

Mediation is one of the many methods for intervening in conflict resolution. For its part, conflictology is a knowledge and skills set that allows understanding and intervention for peaceful conflict resolution. Therefore, mediation could be understood as an instrument of conflictology.

Representation of organizations and institutions, reference documents, legislation, etc., which can help us understand the impact of mediation in different regions such as Catalonia, Spain, Europe, the United States and Latin America.

Collection of key autonomous community, state and European community regulations on mediation. Not all these mediations have a specific regulatory framework for their application.

There are many periodical publications and books that deal with mediation from different perspectives.

We now suggest some less academic material for you to explore the concept of mediation.