Law: press and news

This selection of resources helps keep people up to date on the latest legal activities and news. A number of sources are presented covering breaking news. These include web portals, official bodies and forums for debate and opinion. There is also the possibility to look in more detail at different branches of law thanks to some of the specific resources provided. 

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You can also filter results depending on whether they are from the sub-section on Portals for keeping up to date with the legal sector (Estar al día), Judiciary and legislative bodies (Organismos oficiales), Opinion and informal publications (Opinión) or General media (Difusión).


Web portals with the latest news of the legal world

Selection of web portals reviewing the latest news from the legal world.

Legal Today
Web portal on legal trends designed by Thomson Reuters Aranzadi, aimed at professionals in the legal field.
Online newspaper for the latest news about law, the most outstanding firms and the legal sector.
Diario del Derecho
Web portal with reviews of legal news published in the different national newspapers.
A law magazine.
Website with all the news about the legal world.
Blog featuring law news published in the media, by Francis Lefebvre.
Economist & Jurist
Web portal of the law journal Economist & Jurist.
Derecho Internacional Público
Public international law website, with international law news.

Economics and law

Non-academic media covering law from an economic point of view.

Legal section of the Spanish economic newspaper Expansión.
Legal supplement of the economic newspaper El Economista.

Bodies which hold legislative and judicial power

Selection of bodies holding legislative and judicial power at a Catalan, Spanish and European level.

Web portal of the Catalan government (Generalitat de Catalunya) ministry in charge of administering justice in Cata
News of the Parlament de Catalunya
Press and news section of the legislative body that supports government policy in Catalonia.
News section of the Spanish Ministry of Justice.
Website of the Judiciary in Spain, with the latest news.
News of the Congreso de los Diputados
News section of the Congress of Deputies, constitutional body representing the Spanish people.
News of the Senado de España
News about the Senate, constitutional body complementary to the Congress of Deputies.
News of the European Commission
Outstanding news, press releases and speeches of the European Commission.
News section focusing on justice and citizenship, of the European Parliament.
Press of the European Council and the Council of the European Union
Press of the European Council and the Council of the European Union.

Opinion and infomal publications

Selection of informal publications that provide legal news from different points of view.

European Law Blog
Blog with news and comments on EU law.
The Wall Street Journal. Law Blog
Opinion and analysis blog managed by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

Dissemination and generalist media

The mass media offers accessible coverage of issues related to law and legislation. 

Radio 5 programme.

UOC news and publications

Agenda of the latest activities
Agenda of the latest Law and Political Science Department activities provided by the UOC
Twitter of the Law and Political Science Department
Twitter feed with the latest information about the Law and Political Science Department provided by the UOC.
IDP. Revista d'Internet, Dret i Política
Publication of the Law and Political Science Department of the Open University of Catalonia.

Taxation law, as a branch of administrative law, covers the state's income and corresponding public spending.

Branches of law that govern the exercise of trade and protect the work performed by an author.

Information and communication technologies have had an effect on people's daily lives and on the corresponding legal regulations. The influence of new technologies in law has led to the rise of digital law. 

The law that covers the legal relationships between private individuals. 

The branch of law covering the relationship between employers and employees. 

The series of rights covered by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and based on recognition of the inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family.