Law Open Resources

Are you interested in knowing open or freely online information resources in the field of Law and legislation? This dossier aims to gather the main resources on the field.

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Public administration has to fulfill the obligation to publicize the laws and regulations—as well as other dispositions —, before its application, according to the principle of information disclosure. Currently all the Spanish and regional legislation is freely accessible on the Internet in official gazettes or diaries, in legislative compilations at websites of various government or public entities, etc.

Did you know that there are multiple jurisprudence databases open or for free accessible on the Internet? Discover them!

Information sources that help you to find legal announcements, forms, journals, etc

Access to full text of basic legal texts, such as the Spanish higher-ranking legal rules (Spanish Constitution and Statutes of autonomy of the various Autonomous Communities), and in International law (Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

Discover open or gratis online information resources on tax law.