Kitchen by geographic area

A series of resources looking at culinary traditions from various regions around the world. Traditional cuisines are the basis of healthy and sustainable nutrition.

A book highlighting the different facets of Mediterranean cuisine.


Food Cuisines - BBC
The Food section of the BBC website highlighting recipes from around the world.
Karakia - TV3
A Catalan TV3 programme highlighting culinary experiences, with guest who live in Catalonia.


 the Ainu in the Saru River Region, Japan
A report on the importance of traditional cuisine for the Ainu, an indigenous community in northern Japan.
 Zaheerabad Region, Medak District, Andhra Pradesh, India
A report on the food system of this region of India, which is based on a rich agricultural biodiversity.


African - Food Cuisines
African cuisine recipes in the Food section of the BBC website.
A report that advocates traditional cuisine to promote safe food in Nigeria.

North America

Cooking Up History - Smithsonian Food History
The food section of the Smithsonian website devoted to American cuisine.
Traditional Plant Foods of Canadian Indigenous Peoples
A study on the use of plants in meals prepared by indigenous peoples in Canada.

South America

Sistemas alimentarios tradicionales
This report highlights the food systems of various indigenous peoples in South America.
Observatorio del derecho a la Alimentación
This report presents the results of the school food programme in the Mapuche community of the Araucania Region.


Turkish Cuisine
A Turkish cuisine website that describes the history, origins and variety of regional cuisines in the country.
European Food Information Resource
This report offers a study of traditional European cuisines.


Let’s Go Local - Guidelines Promoting Pacific Island Food
This report by the "Let’s Go Local" project promotes the return to traditional food in the Pacific Islands.
Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition
A report on the "Asia and the Pacific Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition" programme.