Intellectual property of open-access publications

Publications with open-access dissemination licenses

It is recommended that documents published in the O2 be subject to open-access dissemination licences. Among this type of licence, the most commonly used are the Creative Commons licenses, which allow changes to be made to the terms and conditions of use of a work to make it available to the public under a more or less open regime. It does not replace copyright but rather uses it as a legal starting point.

At the time of publishing, the author should review the various licenses that can be assigned and select that which best fits the use that it is wished to make of the project.

What types of Creative Commons license are there?

The following are the six combinations developed by Creative Commons:

  • Attribution–NonCommercial–NoDerivs cc_icon_noderivs.gif[1].gifcc_icon_noncomm.gif[1].gifimagesCABPD1TL.jpg
  • Attribution–NonCommercial–ShareAlike cc_icon_noncomm.gif[1].gifcc_icon_sharealike.gif[1].gifimagesCABPD1TL.jpg
  • Attribution–NonCommercial imagesCABPD1TL.jpgcc_icon_noncomm.gif[1].gif
  • Attribution–ShareAlike imagesCABPD1TL.jpgcc_icon_sharealike.gif[1].gif
  • Attribution–NoDerivs imagesCABPD1TL.jpgcc_icon_noderivs.gif[1].gif
  • Attribution imagesCABPD1TL.jpg