Gamification, games and gender

Collection of resources on gaming, games and genre to understand, disseminate and help create new methods.

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What is gamification?

Wikipedia entry available in multiple languages that offers a comprehensive look at gamification.
Optimot entry that breaks down the use of "Ludificació" in Catalan.
Fundeu entry focusing on the best Spanish translation for "gamification".
TED Talk in which Canadian teacher Scott Hebert explains how powerful games can be in education.
Educativa blog entry that discusses gamification as an approach to fun learning (in Spanish).
Spanish-language book for people interested in learning about gamification.
Final project on gamification as a methodological tool for boosting students' motivation (in Catalan).

Gamification experiences

Experiencia ludificacion
Paper on how gamification has become a methodological trend, gaining a strong foothold in classrooms (in Spanish).
Jocs educacio
Thematic series that brings together articles related to the use of serious games.
Jocs educacio
Conference hosted on YouTube that addresses gamification as a method for learning in different ways.

Gamification and gender

 ludificación con perspectiva de género
Article that aims to explore the use of gamification in the classroom with a gender perspective (in Spanish).
estratègies de ludificació
Article that adopts a data-driven approach in order to provide recommendations on gamification.
Ludificació, problemes socials i gènere
Paper on the inclusion of gaming elements in education and their potential contribution to education.

Gender-related educational games

juegos que promueven la convivencia en igualdad
Collection of Spanish-language games that promote coexistence in equality and are designed for play in educational.
Joc de cartes en què apareixen personatges científics
Card game featuring characters based on real scientists, with information about their work, context and time.
Mujeres en ciencia: el joc de cartes
Card game that familiarizes players with outstanding yet often unknown women scientists.
Aplicació Olimpia
Mobile app in which players engage in different games that cumulatively offer a comprehensive look at sexuality.

Resources for gamifying

Introducció a la ludificació
UOC course on applied gamification in fields such as health, education and business (offered in Spanish).
Juegos de escapada: llevar la experiencia de estos juegos al aula
Article published in the British Journal of Educational Technology on how recreational escape rooms have inspired.
coherència en el disseny de jocs d'escapada
Paper that aims to help those designing escape rooms to create more consistent games by embedding the game.
Creació de jocs d'escapada atractius per a l'aula
Article on how to create engaging escape rooms for educational purposes.
crear jocs d'escapada educatius
Article that explores educational escape rooms and how they relate to technology.
Jocs d'escapada
Series of freely available escape rooms ordered by age and available in different languages.
Course on the ins and outs of gamification, why it has such extreme potential and how to use it effectively.
Escape room that encourages players to self-reflect on different topics, namely sexual orientation, gender identity

Research groups and symposiums

Grup de recerca en Aprenentatges, Mitjans i Entreteniment (GAME)
UOC research group recognized by the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR)
Gènere i TIC: Investigant el Gènere en la Societat Xarxa (GenTIC)
Research group that explores the gender relations involved in the design of scientific.