Food sustainability

Eating is an essential part of our everyday life, yet not everyone is privileged enough to enjoy an appropriate and unrestricted diet.

The impact of climate change on development and on food security is an issue for consideration and for global concern. People with limited resources are being affected by higher temperatures and the increasing frequency of climate-related disasters.

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Every year, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and all the organizations concerned about this and fighting for the global "Zero Hunger Challenge" dedicate a few special days to them. The aim is to promote more sustainable food systems that guarantee access to food and a healthy and varied diet to people around the world.

What is the right to food?

Some definitions on the right to food, in order to understand the concept better.

Acerca del derecho a la alimentación
The FAO definition of the right to food gives rise to varying interpretations by different organizations.
Fact sheet drafted by the FAO on the right to food.
Definition of the right to food produced by ESCR-Net.
The right to food in the English version of Wikipedia.
Project which fights to change the current situation affecting the right to food in Catalonia.

Professional organizations and associations

Summary of key organizations and associations that operate in the sphere of the right to food.

United Nations organization which is working to achieve food security and access to food worldwide.
Brings together experts from different disciplines and fields of expertise, who debate on the reform of global food
An EU-funded agency and act as a source of scientific advice and communication on the risks.
Operates to offer research-based policy solutions in order to reduce poverty, hunger and malnutrition.
The network brings together 280 NGOs, social movements and activists from 75 countries.
A historic organization which fights for the right to adequate food.
A foundation which brings together various organizations, bodies and experts in the sphere of food.
Research centre dedicated to food technology innovation and research.
An association which brings together 55 food banks throughout Spain.
To teach people how to enjoy diverse foods, to recognize the location of production and to respect seasonality.
A foundation created by Slow Food International, a body which works to protect food biodiversity.
An NGO which aims to reduce food inequality around the world.

This particularly focuses on sustainability, highlighting food biodiversity and returning to the consumption of foods with a high nutritional value, as a sustainable solution to world hunger and malnutrition.


Regulations and directives relating to the right to food that exist around the world, with a special focus on Europe.

Article 11 of the covenant speaks of the “right of everyone to an adequate standard of living for himself and ...».
Directives drawn up by the FAO which aim to offer governments guidance on implementing the right to adequate food.
FAO database providing references on the constitutional recognition of the right to food.
Document which offers practical guidance on the implementation of the right to food at the national level.
Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 of the European Parliament
Regulation which aims to establish a legal framework that guarantees food security within the European Union.
Regulation (EU) No 223/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2014
Regulation on the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived.
Specific chapter of the Spanish Yearbook of International Law dealing with food and international law.
Book published by the Government of Catalonia on the recognition of food as a right.

Campaigns and initiatives of interest

Campaigns of interest concerning the right to food implemented around the world, with a special focus on Catalonia.

Every year, the FAO organizes a campaign. This year, it is International Year of Pulses.
World Food Day
World Food Day campaign, organized by the FAO.
This is one of the seventeen goals of the "United Nations Development Programme".
Food collection campaign for people who require food aid given their low-income or precarious economic situation.
Global movement to promote solidarity among individuals, organizations and companies.
Document of the FEAD drafted by the European Union and the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.