Food and gender

Dossier on food with a focus on gender, structured into three sections: (i) access to food and the importance of gender in food production; (ii) food-related gender roles and gender differences in food choice; and (iii) food, gender and the power of advertising.

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Access to food and the importance of gender in food production

A guide that highlights the importance of gender equality in agriculture and food.
Food for Health, Food for Wealth
A publication that explores the importance of health, consumption and identity.
Gender and food security - Wikipedia
Gender and food security on Wikipedia in English.
¿Cuál es el rol de la mujer en la seguridad alimentaria?
An article that addresses the need to focus on gender when investing in agriculture.
Gender Norms and Food Behavior
An article about gender norms and food behaviour.
Alimentación y justicia de género: el debate blog channel
A blog with 10 posts by Oxfam that underline the importance of women in agriculture.

Food-related gender roles and gender differences in food choice

A study that examines the direct influence of culture-based gender stereotypes on food preference.
Anthropology of Food and Nutrition, Volume 2, Food Preferences and Taste
A sociocultural and anthropological investigation on gender-based food preferences and tastes.
Alimentación, pobreza y desigualdad de género: procesos en busca de interconexión
An article that takes a three-pronged approach to addressing family food habits.
The culture of cuisine: Is food gendered?
An article that discusses gender bias in food and stereotyped marketing, as well as the health risks.
Emily Contois on Food, Gender & Health in U.S. Popular Culture
Talk by Emily Contois about gender-based food choices.
Relationship between gender and food roles in the family
An article that examines male and female roles in the performance of food-related household tasks.
Alimentación, trabajo y género. De cocinas, cocineras y otras tareas domésticas
An article that explores how food-related household tasks have culturally been attributed to women.
Eating Meat Makes You Sexy: Conformity to Dietary Gender Norms and Attractiveness
A study that looks at food-related gender roles and men's food choices.
Gender Pressures may Affect Dietary Choices; Research Suggests Influence of 'Masculine' and 'Feminine' Foods
An article that explores food habits and their psychological association with gender.

Food, gender and the power of advertising

La publicidad de comida sigue alimentando estereotipos de género
An article that reveals how advertising continues to fuel food-related gender stereotypes.
Alimentación, género y publicidad. De cómo nos hacen creer que queremos lo que no necesitamos
An article that explores how food-related advertising geared towards beauty and health is aimed at women.
Food and Gender
A video containing food-related advertisements and other clips that show how foods are gendered.
Food is Love: Food Advertising and Gender Roles in 20th-Century America
A study that analyses food-related advertising in 20th-century America.