Family law

The aim of the dossier is to bring together a series of resources that are specific to family law, which, although considered an autonomous branch of law, is still included in civil law. Organized on the basis of the relationships that exist among family members, it looks at a series of legal rules and the institutions that regulate them. Priority is given to social interest in the individual and essentially concerns marriage filiation and guardianship.

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General definition

Range of family law definitions, their context, FAQs and news referring to this branch of law.

Definition of the concept of family law in the framework of civil law.
Book that offers a description of family law and places it in the context of Spanish law.
Book that tackles the most problematic cases of domestic violence, child abuse and mental illness in the family.
News compilation with reference to family law in Spain.
Chapter where the author sets out direct questions and practices directly related to families.

A presentation of the most widely covered aspects of family law, such as economic and property aspects, domestic violence and the situation of minors in divorce or separation. Special attention is paid to same-sex parent families, single-parent families and domestic partnerships.

Families, international elements and abduction of minors

Family separation means that minors' emotional states in regard to their parents deteriorate. The geographical distance caused by the current employment situation, where people must travel and move to find work, surrogacy and the different laws that exist in each country have brought about an increase in cases of conflict.

Article in which the author analyses the amendments that have affected some laws and the current situation.
Article featuring the arguments presented at a round table of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB) on surrogacy.
Book that looks at the admission of asylum-seekers and poses questions regarding the issue.
Dykinson Editorial
Book that looks at the issue of the international abduction of minors.

Collection of the specific laws of the autonomous communities with their own legislation.

Various resources devoted to family law, from blogs and videos to journals and official documents.

UOC learning resources

UOC materials covering the fundamental issues regarding family law, such as marriage, separation, economic aspects, guardianship, adoption and religious marriage.

Learning resources for the course on Marriage, Stable Partnerships and Breakups.
Learning resource for the course on Canonical Marriage and Annulment.