Fake News

Fake news is news that is printed or broadcast with the knowledge that it is untrue. There is currently a great deal of fake news out there and few ways of fighting it.

The Library has prepared a selection of content to help deepen your understanding of the impact fake news has on the world and the solutions available to tackle this situation.

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What is fake news?

Experts from the UOC reflect upon the information ecosystem in this Todo Comunica blog entry.
Fake News - Wikipedia
A Wikipedia entry on fake news.
'Homo Facebookis': ventanas conceptuales, posverdad y burbuja algorítmica
An article from the journal COMeIN about conceptual frames, post-truth and filter bubbles.
Veritats de mentida
A documentary on fake news from the TV programme Sense Ficció.
Las Fake News: Quién las crea, para qué y cómo se propagan
An interview with Marc Amorós about fake news.
Fake news: los bulos 2.0
A radio programme called Creando que es gerundio on the topic of fake news.

What impact is fake news making?

How has fake news impacted on and changed the Information Age and the media as we know it?
El impacto de las ‘fake news’ en la sociedad actual
An article that looks into how fake news has influenced citizens trust of mass media.
The spread of true and false news online
A scientific article that shows how fake news is more likely to be digitally shared by people than real news.
Influencia de las fake news en marcas y medios en la Web
A study focusing on the interconnection between fake news websites and the technology brands.
Fake news en España, el peligro de la desinformación
An article dealing with the direct consequences of fake news in Spain.
 Fake News: Evolución, ámbitos de desarrollo y su repercusión en cibermedios nacionales
An article from the Complutense University of Madrid on the evolution of fake news.
Manipulating Social Media to Undermine Democracy
A Freedom House report discussing government manipulation of information and freedom on the Net.
Fake news: una revisión sistemática de la literatura.
An article based on the reading and analysis of a systematic review of the literature on fake news.
Noticias falsas y libertad de expresión e información. El control de los contenidos informativos en la red
An article on fake news that discusses the current circulation of information.
A series of websites and plug-ins for checking for fake news.

How can we spot fake news?

Journalism, Fake News & Desinformation
A UNESCO report on journalism, fake news and disinformation.
EiTB pone en marcha la campaña 'inFORMAZIOA' contra las noticias falsas
A decalogue by Euskal Irrati Telebista (EiTB) to help identify fake news.
Guía básica para identificar noticias falsas
A BBC article that contains advice and a basic guide to identifying fake news.
El problema de las noticias falsas: detección y contramedidas
An article that looks into the motivation behind fake news and its distribution mechanisms.
¿Cómo afrontar las noticias falseadas mediante la alfabetización periodística?
An article that examines the state of the new theory and practice known as news literacy.
¿Cómo saber si una noticia es o no un Fake News?
A news piece discussing why people believe the fake news they read and offering a few tips to avoid being fooled.
Fact-checking platforms in Spanish. Features, organisation and method
An article about Spanish-language fact-checking initiatives, including an analysis of these platforms content.

Legal devices to avoid fake news

UOC expert Silvia Martínez reflects on the legal measures that some countries want to take.
Fake news: A legal perspective
An article that explores the legal obstacles encountered by fake news publishers.
Fighting 'fake news' with the law
An article looking at how different countries have begun to introduce legislature against fake news.
The True Story on Fake News
Article discussing fake news, its relevance and dissemination, and the impact it has.

Academic articles

La biblioteca pública y las competencias del siglo XXI
An article on the new skills needed by libraries to face fake news in the 21st century.