Evidence-based practice

Evidence-based practice involves improving our decision-making through critical use of the best evidence available. The ultimate objective is the continual improvement of working practices.

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What is evidence-based practice?

¿Qué son Prácticas Basadas en Evidencia (PBE)?
The Third Mission Institute's definition of evidence-based practice and of the levels of scientific evidence.
Evidence-Based Practice a la Wikipedia
A Wikipedia entry in English on evidence-based practice.
Evidence-based practice essential guide
An essential guide to evidence-based practice created by The Oxford Review.
The Basics of Evidence-Based Practice
An article on the basics of evidence-based practice and how businesses can use it to make informed decisions.
An article that explains what the PICO, ECLIPSE, SPICE and SPIDER question models are.

Question formulation models

ACE Star Model of the Cycle of Knowledge Transformation
An article that explains what the ACE STAR knowledge transformation model is and how it is used.
How CLIP became ECLIPSE: a mnemonic to assist in searching for health policy/management information
An article that explains how the CLIP formula became ECLIPSE, and how it works.
Beyond PICO: the SPIDER tool for qualitative evidence synthesis
An article that compares the PICO and SPIDER question formulas.
Stetler model of evidence-based practice
An article that explains what the Stetler model is and how it is applied to evidence-based practice.
SPICE framework for defining research questions
An article that explains what the SPICE question formula is and how it is used in evidence-based practice.

Where can you find scientific evidence in the UOC Library?

Access to leading publishers' platforms and databases to which the Library has subscribed.

How can we assess the scientific evidence gathered?

Sistema GRADE: metodología para la realización de recomendaciones para la práctica clínica
An article that discusses the GRADE system and how it allows us to assess the quality of evidence.
Evaluating Evidence - Wikiversity
A Wikiversity entry in English about evaluating evidence.
How to assess the best available evidence when time is limited
A summary that explains how to carry out a rapid risk assessment.
Rapid Evidence Assessment Toolkit index
This article explains what rapid evidence assessment is and how it works, and proposes a range of REA methods.
CEBMa Guideline for Critically Appraised Topics in Management and Organizations
CEBMa guide to elaborate critical evaluations in the field of the management of companies and organizations.

Fields using evidence-based practice

Medicina basada en la evidencia (MBE). Ventajas
An article that reviews the basics and main advantages of evidence-based medicine.
Dirección de personas basada en evidencias. ¿Qué es, por qué importa, cómo implementarla?
An article that discusses how useful evidence-based people management is and how it can affect businesses.
Hacia una educación basada en la evidencia
An article on the relationship between evidence-based medicine and evidence-based education.
Biblioteconomía basada en la evidencia (Evidence-Based Librarianship): revisión bibliográfica y análisis de la literatura
A study that presents an analysis of the literature published on evidence-based bibliotecography.
Una política basada en la evidencia
An article that defends the use of evidence-based politics.
Diseño basado en la evidencia
An article on the evidence-based design of work spaces and how to find this evidence.
Organizations of different fields of evidence-based practices.