English: language resources

The Library and Language Service have joined forces to select a series of resources for English. This dossier includes reference works and tools to help resolve doubts on spelling, grammar or vocabulary. You can also find resources to help with pronunciation or to keep up-to-date with the news and new developments in the use of English.

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The Language Service

UOC Language & Style
This site, run by staff at the Language Service, provides specific guidelines for UOC-related texts in English.
This resource will help you discover the extensive support on offer in the 3 sister sites of UOC Language Service.
Practical Guide to English Usage
This guide is designed to provide support for members of the UOC community who need to write in English.
The UOC Language Service's Twitter account.

Language learning

toolkit anglès
The UOC has put together a collection of resources to help you improve your level of English.
Learn English Network
An NGO which has provided support to students and teachers of English since 1999.
BBC Learning English
A BBC website that has been teaching English since 1943, with free audio, video and written materials


This section offers a range of resources to help improve writing skills and address specific doubts.

Interuniversity Style Guide for Writing Institutional Texts in English
A style guide designed for people who have to write institutional documents in English.
Writing Guides: Scholarly Publishing
They address issues related to the publication of research work.
Research Writing
The University of Florida University Writing Center is a resource for writing, research and scholary writing.
A selection of tools and resources to help Catalan speakers learn English.
Writing Skills - EnglishClub
Section of the EnglishClub website with guides to help users write in English.
Writing help - Oxford Living Dictionaries
Help section on writing within the grammar section of the Oxford Living Dictionaries website.
Academic Writing - Warwick
Academic writing section from the University of Warwick's Faculty of Social Sciences.
Purdue Online Writing Lab
Portal with a wide range of resources to help with writing in English.


Short Stories - EnglishClub
Section of the EnglishClub website with short stories for increasing English vocabulary.
Metropolitan Barcelona
Magazine published in English dedicated to the city of Barcelona and aimed at visitors.
Short Stories - East of the Web
Section of the East of the Web website dedicated to stories in English.
World News in English - The Big Project
Website with links to newspapers in English from around the world.


SUB Ingles
A website which offers song videos in English with subtitled lyrics.
Site for browsing and listening to BBC radio stations and podcasts in English.


This section offers tools to find out how to pronounce words in different languages.

The place where you can find millions of words pronounced in their original language.
Online English pronunciation dictionary.
Pronunciation lessons 5 minute english
Pronunciation section of the English teaching website 5 Minute English.
ship or sheep
English pronunciation website based on the similarities between two sounds.


English Word Games - Learn English Today
Section of the Learn English Today website for learning English through word games.

Grammar questions and doubts

This section has resources to resolve all kinds of doubts about language and grammar.

A question and answer site for linguists, etymologists and serious English language enthusiasts.
A useful and fun guide to mixed-up, mangled expressions and commonly mispronounced words.
Oxford Dictionaries (Grammar)
Useful information on English grammar and usage from the people behind the Oxford dictionary.
Headway Upper-Intermediate
A section of the Oxford University Press website dedicated to an intermediate academic grammar level.
Self Access Corner
The section of the Self Access Corner website on the Xarxa Telemàtica Educativa de Catalunya (XTEC).


This section has a selection of lexicographic reference works.

It offers free access to a number of the dictionaries produced by the Oxford University Press and grammar section.
Merriam-Webster produces the leading dictionaries for US English.


Bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and databases to help with translations.

Inter-Active Terminology for Europe (IATE)
The EU's inter-institutional terminology database.
A search engine with which you can search billions of bilingual texts for words and expressions.
A tool to find the word selected and offer its definition, synonyms & antonyms or translation into other languages.
Oxford Dictionaries (Spanish-English)
The English-Spanish dictionary offered by Oxforddictionaries.com


This section has databases with large numbers of words and the contexts in which they appear.

A 100-million word collection of samples of written and spoken British English from the late 20th century.
Google Books Ngram Viewer
Graphs showing how phrases occur in a corpus of books over a period of time.
Portal giving open access to the largest and most widely used online corpora.

Keeping up-to-date

This section has a selection of websites and blogs with news and new developments from the world of languages.

Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing.
Words are powerful tools and deserve careful use, but language usage changes constantly.