eHealth: the transformation of the healthcare model

Digital literacy and skills in health, empowerment in health, participatory health and wellbeing, design and evaluation of eHealth and mHealth interventions, data science in health, and equity are some of the subjects covered by eHealth and you will find them all in this dossier.

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What is eHealth?

What is eHealth and how is it applied in health systems?
Wikipedia contains a definition of the eHealth concept, and the services and benefits it offers.
WHO definition of the eHealth concept.
It defines the eHealth concept and the 10 “e”s that make up eHealth.
The 51 definitions of eHealth explained in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.
Discussion on the term eHealth by José Mª Cepeda.

For some years now, the Internet has been a part of our daily lives and health-related information plays a key role. 80% of users search for information on health issues and apply the knowledge they acquire to deal with or resolve a health problem. 

Citizens play an active role when managing their health and are consequently becoming involved in medical decisions. Something which, until now, was limited by the healthcare system.

Social networks and the Internet are a good place to resolve queries and share knowledge. 2.0 tools are not only useful for professionals but also for patients, improving the interaction and communication among the groups themselves and among everybody.

Interventions via eHealth and mHealth are becoming increasingly important and commonplace. However, the design and assessment of these tools are key to ensuring reliability during their use. 

This new trend with the Internet and social media, the success of smart phones and the emergence of sensors and big data, which not only include clinical and operational registers, but also text, audio and video and biometric registers, can be analysed to provide useful information for health systems.

Equality applied to eHealth is a promising perspective in the fight against inequalities in health.

In Spain there is no specific regulation in the subject matter; however the applicable legislation is listed below.