E-commerce support documents

A large number of periodical publications and books explore e-commerce from different perspectives.


International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies
Academic journal dealing with the theory, applications and security of e-commerce and digital marketing.
Electronic Commerce Research and Applications
Periodical publication that seeks to help generate a research community.
Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations
Social, cultural, organizational and cognitive dimensions of the impact of e-commerce technologies.
Electronic Commerce Research
Academic publication highlighting research and recent innovations in all facets of e-commerce.


Vender en Internet : las claves del éxito
Book featuring the keys to starting a business based on an e-commerce model.
Showcase Europe : guide to e-commerce markets in Europe
Guide to e-commerce markets in Europe.
Comercio electrónico: antecedentes, fundamentos y estados actual
Publication reviewing the foundations of e-commerce, the state of the issue, and so on.