Digital marketing and e-commerce

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing or marketing 2.0, consists of implementing traditional marketing techniques and marketing strategies in digital environments.

News aggregator on digital marketing and e-commerce.
Manual jurídico de comercio electrónico y marketing on-line para la Empresa 2.0
Book on a legal interpretation of e-marketing and e-commerce.
Marketing digital y comercio electrónico
Book on the implementation of digital marketing in e-commerce.
Digital Marketing : Using New Technologies to Get Closer to Your Customers
E-book with the keys to digital marketing that help to reach the potential consumer.
Effectiveness of Online Marketing Campaigns
Publication on multichannel marketing and the use of search engines.
SEO in e-commerce: Balancing between white and black hat methods
Text dealing with positioning in search engines or search engine optimization (SEO).
The SEO strategy research of e-commerce sites of SEMs
Publication on the optimization of retrieval and positioning of a website through its positioning in search engine.
Cult of Analytics
Application of digital marketing strategies using web analytics.