Digital marketing

To celebrate the launch of the new University Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing, the UOC Library has drafted a dossier with a selection of resources to understand what digital marketing consists of, as well as key aspects of Internet marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO), SEM strategies, social media, web analytics, digital advertising, e-commerce and market intelligence.

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What is digital marketing?

Definition of digital marketing in Wikipedia in Spanish and in English.
Definition of digital marketing in the Financial Times Lexicon Dictionary.
Techopedia definition of digital marketing - The IT Education Site.
Talk by Dan Cobley, Director of Marketing at Google, on the parallels between marketing and physics.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

A video by the company Search Engine Land, giving a simple and direct explanation of SEO.
Comprehensive guide to SEO, covering all the key aspects in 10 chapters.
Talk by the Swedish journalist Andreas Ekström in which he explains the links between technology and humanities.
Google help to enable the Google search engine to index, find and classify our websiste.
Description of the tools that can help us manage our website in relation to Bing.
Guide explaining how to optimize a website. Explains each step to be followed in a methodical and simple manner.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Definition by the Business Dictionary.
Wikipedia definition in Spanish and English.
Structured guide to SEM, with links to articles related to various spheres of the marketing and technology sectors.
Blog article by Alfredo Bizzocchi, explaining the difference between SEM and SEO in a simple and visual manner.
Forbes article in which the author explains five reasons for using the Google AdWords programme.

Web analytics and metrics

Oracle Help Center, which contains definitions, explanations and examples of Data Mining.
Article on the SAS website which explains the history, importance, users and functioning of data mining.
Amazee Metrics blog article, in which Laura Hornbake analyses six tools for managing, adding and updating tags.
Article on the Tealium website, which defines tag management.
Wikipedia definition of CRM (customer relationship management).
CMS Wire article by Pini Yakuel, Founder and CEO of Optimove.
Definition of CRM analytics with links to tools and opinions on CRM analytics software.
Official web page of Google Analytics, containing tools for drafting all types of reports and mobile apps.

Social media and audience profiles

ViaEmpresa article explaining the metrics required to monitor the Internet, from inside out and from outside in.
Article explaining the strategy to adopt on social media in order to offer the right products to your followers.
IAB Spain
Study on user profiles on Spanish social media and their relationships with brands.
Study on the use and participation trends on social media worldwide and in Spain.
Study containing a definition of the four personalities of consumers.
Blog article explaining the different segmentations we can make among audiences of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Digital marketing tools and resources

A tool that is perfect for finding the leading social media influencers and publications in various sectors.
Information graphic showing the large number of digital marketing tools.
List of tools and resources published in, divided into sections.
IEBS blog article explaining six ideal tools for increasing the influence of a company.
Mark Growth blog article with a list of the most important marketing tools of 2017.
Answer the public
Tool for searching keywords for your web optimization.
Tool for searching and analysing competitors.
Tool for finding content and information on the Internet.
Open-source resources for analysing websites and applications.

Free online courses (MOOCs) on digital marketing

Simple but extensive search engine for courses. There is no option to apply filters.
Platform for online courses offering products by supplier or university.
Directory of free online courses offered by universities.
Directory of courses in English, with various types of filters. No language option is offered.