A book or electronic resource that lists the words of a language (typically in alphabetical order) and gives their meaning, or gives the equivalent words in a different language, often also providing information about pronunciation, origin, and usage. [Oxford]

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This section has a selection of lexicographic reference works.

Diccionari de llengua catalana. Segona edició
Prescriptive dictionary of the Catalan language published by the Institute of Catalan Studies.
Latest version of the catalan encyclopedia.
Diccionaris Larousse: sinònims
It lets users consult a number of monolingual and bilingual dictionaries in Catalan.
Diccionari català-valencià-balear
The electronic version of the Diccionari català-valencià-balear includes different Catalan dialects.
Lèxic Obert Flexionat de Català (LOFC)
A compilation of resources on different aspects of the Catalan language.
Diccionari de sinònims de frases fetes
This dictionary connects concepts with idioms and expressions, it offers 5,500 concepts and 15,500 idioms.
Acronym Finder
Abbreviations dictionary providing the definitions of acronyms, initialisms and other shortened forms.
Diccionari de sinònims
Online thesaurus for synonyms in Catalan, including a search function.
Paremiologia catalana comparada digital
Compendium of Catalan proverbs, including details of when each one first appeared in writing.


This section has a selection of lexicographic reference works.

Diccionario de la Real Academia Española
The dictionary of reference for Spanish, it is the result of collaboration between all of the language's academies.
Diccionarios de la Real Academia Española
A selection of dictionaries published by the Royal Spanish Academy. It includes Spanish language dictionaries.
A reverse or ideological dictionary that lets you search for words by concept.
Acronym Finder
Abbreviations dictionary providing the definitions of acronyms, initialisms and other shortened forms.
A dictionary of synonyms.
Diccionario de sinónimos online
Online thesaurus for Spanish synonyms, with search results subclassified according to main meanings.
A tool to find the definitions of terms and their antonyms.
Diccionario de americanismos
A dictionary with specific terms used in Latin American Spanish.
Dictionary of Chilean Spanish
A specific dictionary of Chilean lexis and idioms.
Diccionario de mexicanismos
A dictionary of Mexican expressions from the Mexican Academy of Language.
Diccionario del español de México
A specific Mexican lexical dictionary from the Mexican Academy of Language.
Diccionario breve de colombianismos
A specific Colombian lexical dictionary from the Colombian Academy of Language


This section has a selection of lexicographic reference works.

It offers free access to a number of the dictionaries produced by the Oxford University Press and grammar section.
Merriam-Webster produces the leading dictionaries for US English.

STEM Dictionaries

A Dictionary of Computing
An Oxford Reference Online dictionary specialising in IT terminology and containing over 6,500 definitions.
A Dictionary of the Internet
Online Internet dictionary.

Law dictionaries and glossaries

Catalan-Spanish vocabulary on criminal law, criminal procedure, prison law and military law.
Online version of the Diccionari de dret administratiu.
Dictionary with terms of civil law applicable in Catalonia.
Terms relating to the institutions of the European Union and Community law.
Diccionari de la renda
This dictionary contains the basic terms required for preparing income and equity tax returns
Trade law vocabulary
Catalan-Spanish bilingual trade law vocabulary.
Diccionari jurídic català
Specialized encyclopaedic dictionary.
Diccionario del español jurídico
Dictionary specializes in legal terminology and approved by the RAE and Spanish General Council of the Judiciary.

more law dictionaries

Tax Law Glossary
Dictionary containing more than 8.000 tax terms in English.
The Law Dictionary
The source of reference for definitions in legal briefs and court opinions in the U.S.A.
Biblioteca Termcat de Dret
Specialised online reference works covering the different areas of law.
Nolo’s Free Dictionary of Law Terms and Legal Definitions
Dictionary of legal terminology and definitions.

Politics Dictionaries

Diccionario de política
It offers a simple explanation of the main concepts that are part of the universe of political discourse
Work on political thought widely acclaimed as a profound and incisive guide to political ideas
Situating, describing and appraising women's participation in the general movement of political change.
Enciclopedia de paz y conflictos
Encyclopedia of Peace and Conflicts.
Diccionari dels partits polítics de Catalunya, segle XX
Dictionary very useful for any reader interested in the political history of the twentieth century in Catalonia.
Terminologia electoral bàsica
Basic electoral terminology, listing terms related to aspects of electoral processes and systems.

Economics and Finances dictionaries

Diccionari dels mercats financers
Diccionary which systematizes for the first time financial terminology in Catalan
Dictionary of banking terms
E-book that defines more than three thousand terms related to banking.
Dictionary of economics
Dictionary containing over 3,000 terms explained in clear and simple language.
A Dictionary of Accounting
Dictionary featuring definitions of the latest financial jargon.
A dictionary of Human Geography
A detailed guide of all aspects of human geography.
Financial Times Lexicon
A free-to-use online glossary of financial terms with over 10,000 entries. It forms part of the Financial Times.
Economics A-Z
This is a free-to-access online glossary of economic terms from The Economist.
The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics
The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics (CEE), 2nd ed., 2008, is an online encyclopedia of economics.

LIS Dictionaries

Diccionario enciclopédico de ciencias de la documentación
Essential for students and professionals who strive to expand their knowledge in the sciences of documentation.
Diccionario de símbolos
This dictionary is the latest version of the most important prose work of poet and art critic Juan Eduardo Cirlot.

Education dictionaries

A Dictionary of Education
Dictionary of Education that provides clear and concise definitions for 1,250 terms.

Sociology Dictionaries

A Dictionary of sociology
Oxford dictionary of sociology.
A dictionary of environment and conservation
An online dictionary of environment and conservation.
A dictionary of Human Geography
A detailed guide of all aspects of human geography.
The Oxford dictionary of Islam
Online dictionary focusing on the religious, political and social spheres of the modern Islamic world.

Psycology Dictionaries

A Dictionary of Psychology (3 ed.)
With over 11,000 entries, this dictionary covers all the branches of psychology.