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Dossier related to World Design Day (WDD), a day established by the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda), now ico-D, to celebrate design and mark its founding on 27 April 1963.

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The goal of WDD is to challenge designers to reflect deeply on the well-being of people within their local environments and to find innovative solutions to local needs by using design as a vehicle to honour diversity, transcend borders and improve quality of life. 

Participants worldwide are invited to gather, innovate and live out a moment of design by organizing public events and initiatives on 27 April each year. This year, participants can use the hashtags #WDD2018 and  and the tag @theicod on Twitter and Instagram and also take part in a special Facebook page.


What's the World Design Day (WDW)?

Oficial web of the World Design Day (WDD) event.

World Design Day (WDD)
World Design Day (WDD) is celebrated on 27 April, the anniversary of a world body for graphic design

Selection of nacional and internacional institutions and professional associations that promote the Design.

Documentation (reports, regulations, studies, etc.) related to design as a profession.

Selection of the main documentation centers and libraries about Design.

Selection on specialized and academic resources on design (databases, journals, etc.).

Access to other resources and initiatives of interest.